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The Gentle Beagle

by Karen J. Roberts


Category : Children's

ISBN No :9781618131638

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Being different can be lonely. But compromising her values just to fit in was not a path the gentle beagle was willing to take. Fall in love with the gentle beagle as she finds her true calling through bravery and a kind heart. Her courageous journey begins as a hunting dog deep in the woods of Virginia. Through scary events and daunting challenges, her uncertain fate leads directly to her life's purpose. The memorable characters in this heartwarming tale teach us lessons about compassion for animals and strength of character. Even though her life takes some unexpected turns, the gentle beagle stays true to herself and becomes the best kind of hero, a hero of the heart.

Author Information

Karen J. Roberts

Award winning author Karen J. Roberts has been an animal lover and pet owner her whole life. She was inspired to write her first children's book The Little Blue Dog when she adopted her little dog Louie from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts in 2011. Since then she has published 9 books promoting animal kindness and adoption. Karen's humane education program for ages 3-18 was developed to inspire leadership and animal advocacy in the younger generations. Her love of nature and animals in present in her stories, which provide engaging age appropriate rescue themes and challenging topics. Karen earned her BA degree in English from Syracuse University. She lives in Wellington, Florida sharing her peaceful home with her six dogs and one cat.

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    Each character in this book, whether it has two legs or four, will captivate you and pull you into their journey along the way. The detailed illustrations that accompany this truly heartfelt story keep you turning the pages, needing to know how the story ends. This is a book is great for all ages, with so many thought provoking moments and so many life lessons to take away. Incredibly done. Thank you for bringing such issues to the forefront in a brilliant way. Keep em' coming!!

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