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The Gateway

by K. L. Kranes


Category : Young Adult

ISBN No :9781545751879

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Find soul mate…check. Harness the power of the Wiccan gods…check. Defeat the evil First Traveler…check. Live a normal life…maybe not. Dagny and Marc are done with destiny. After defeating the First Traveler, they want to leave the Wiccan world behind. But as they settle back into the routine of high school, it seems destiny has other plans. Prophetic dreams, a secret cult and a stranger calling himself the Guardian force Dagny and Marc to face the truth. Channeling the powers of the gods comes with a price and the gods have come to collect. Now Dagny and Marc must choose between each other and the path the gods have written, a path leading to a mysterious gateway that if opened will shatter the Wiccan world. Their love survived the threat of an ancient witch, but can it survive the will of the gods? In this story of love, betrayal and magic, no one is safe and there is no such thing as destiny.

Author Information

K. L. Kranes

K.L. Kranes lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her husband, daughter and dog. When not writing fiction, K.L. is a freelance editor.

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