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The First 10 Yards: The 5 Dynamics of Entrepreneurship



Category : Business & Economy

ISBN No :9789814352093

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For entrepreneurs to really succeed in the long run in their business ventures, they have to deal with certain fundamentals of entrepreneurship. The Five Dynamics of Entrepreneurship, developed by Po Chung with Saimond Ip, describes the minimum qualities that an entrepreneur must have and tap into in order to build a company that inspires. Po should know; he helped build DHL, the world's "most global of global companies." This book, written by two practicing entrepreneurs, taps into the wealth of experience, the stories and the cases, from Asia and the West. More importantly, the authors accomplish what few books out there have, which is to really explore how to survive the "first ten yards" of a new company and thrive. From the dreamer who wants to launch a business to an MBA student or an executive, this book is for all of them. It addresses the critical factors that determine the success or failure of any new business venture.

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PO CHUNG took to the entrepreneurial road after obtaining a degree in Fisheries Management and is now globally recognized as the co-founder of DHL Asia Pacific, one of the world's most recognized brands and companies. Together with Saimond Ip, he developed the Five Dynamics of Entrepreneurship. This framework is now a keystone of the curriculum at the Hong Kong University's Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values.

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    "The First 10 Yards" has had a profound impact on the success of NewsCertified Exchange (NCE). The founders of NCE purchased "The First 10 Yards" as soon as it was available. NCE's culture is based on the wisdom presented throughout the book. It is mandatory reading for our new hires. If an entrepreneur only has time to read one book this is it.

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