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The Devil's Knocking


PTP Book Division
December 2, 2023

Book Details

What if the world we see is only a fraction of what is really there? How would you confront discovering you possess the ability to glimpse through the veil between our world and what lies beyond? Would you take hold and charge into battle, or shy away? From birth, Norman was a spirited child, filled with headstrong tendencies and a knack for finding danger in seemingly any situation. But his path becomes exceedingly plagued by a shadowy dark aura that is relentless in its efforts to place him and those he loves in harm's way. In his story, based on true life events, we follow Norman from infancy to adulthood as he navigates the sinister world around him in which he must decipher between what is real and what he is tricked into believing. A world that, for him, is full of paranormal elements and encounters that few others see. It forces him to walk a line between this plane of existence and the next in hopes of uncovering who he and his true identity are. Join Norman as he unmasks disturbing facts and mysteries while battling malevolent forces threatening his very existence. The unknown lingers, calling out to him with his every step in hopes of luring him deeper into the darkness. Will Norman succumb to it, or prevail in discovering a world beyond himself?

Author Description

Norman Basile: From the beginning, Norman knew he was destined for big things, and in that the positions of Batman and Dr. Frankenstein were already filled, he had to make other plans. Throughout his career, he has been featured in over 250 print, radio, and television appearances, including the Oprah Winfrey Show. He still resides in his native Illinois, where he enjoys attending renaissance fairs with his wife and spending time with his mini hellhounds. Recently the pair have retired from teaching martial arts at their school, giving him more time to enjoy westerns, a good horror flick, or maybe the occasional cigar.

Elle Chandler: Elle grew up in a world surrounded by reading, writing, and music. She is the recipient of awards both for poetry and short stories. As she became an adult, she never lost touch with that passion to put pen to paper. She enjoys the quiet laid-back life of the country, jotting down her thoughts on her back porch. In her spare time, she is most content cozying up with a good book and looking out over the lake.

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