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The Blue Book of Group Discussions


Prowess Publishing
February 22, 2022

Book Details

"The Blue Book of Group Discussions" is a comprehensive guide to success in any Group Discussions or Group Task. It gives all the tools, techniques and tricks to enable a person make indelible impact in a group discussion and stand-out as a successful contender. It is a compilation of insights gained from experience of the author while conducting training, tutoring and mentoring young graduates for Group Discussions and Personal Interviews over a period of more than 25 yrs. Intensive interactions with aspirants for admissions in premier B-Schools and for jobs in corporate, Banks, PSUs have led to appreciation of problems commonly faced by them while participating in a GD. This book takes the reader systematically through steps for overcoming these problems. It provides techniques for overcoming limitations of language, lack of subject knowledge, fear of speaking in public, intimidation by co-participants and poor self-confidence. The core of this book is "Being Visible". Leadership is a major focus of Being Visible. A complete chapter has been dedicated to empowering the reader for exhibiting leadership in a GD. It gives seven distinct steps to leadership that are available to a participant to stand out as a leader. It provides a set of five factors that are critical to a candidate's performance in a GD. Though all of them are equally important, yet they vary considerably in their impact. Participants tend to focus on the content whereas it is the delivery that attracts more attention. Body language is an aspect that gets overlooked in the stress of participation. Chapters on Arts and Science of Good Speaking and Active Listening take the reader through the process of developing his / her communication skills. The chapter on Developing Self-Confidence provides quite simple clues towards the most critical ingredient in personality of a person. It gives mental as well as physical aids to build self-confidence within a short period. The methodology of appropriately organizing the available knowledge and presenting it effectively helps build confidence quickly. The book has been written in a conversational and story-telling mode with examples from real life to drive a point home. Topics, cases and tasks have been included in the book to help the reader improve progressively in self-help mode. The book would also be useful as reading material for any online or classroom coaching

Author Description

Author has been a corporate manager with experience spanning over more than 30 years across wide range of functions. He is a self-development enthusiast and has worked extensively as trainer, mentor and coach for professionals across different levels in organisational hierarchy. An engineer and MBA he headed HR department of one of the largest and best steel plants of the country and steered the Corporate HR function of one of the Maharatna CPSEs in India. While pursuing his own professional commitments as an engineer and manager, he nurtured a hobby to help others achieve goals of their lives. With his deep insight in human psychology, he focuses on providing tools to individuals for achieving success, harnessing their potential, responding to a given situation and building confidence to face challenges. His unique methodology of igniting a person's mind and overcoming shortcomings opens up new vistas for individuals. His protégés are excelling in corporate world, bureaucracy, academics and business. He can be reached on his blog https://arkofsuccess.home.blog/ & email: rkprasad2001@gmail.com

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