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Staying Bothered: Find Your Passion, Commit to Action, Change the World


May 25, 2021
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Staying Bothered is a global movement that helps people find what bothers them the most, motivates them to get involved, and provides them with the tools to stay committed to create real and positive change. Staying Bothered: Find Your Passion, Commit to Action, Change the World tells the story of how the movement's creator, Jamie Amelio, overcame heartbreak, deception, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles to change her world and the world of thousands of children. It is a universal message that whatever your "bother" is, stay focused on it, continue to do something about it, and your life, too, will be inalterably challenged and enriched.To learn more, visit www.stayingbothered.com or watch Jamie's TED Talk, Get Bothered,Stay Bothered.

Author Description

Jamie Amelio has been staying bothered her entire adult life. While living in Los Angeles, she served on the Board of Directors of Vistas for Children and founded Junior Vistas for Children. In Austin, she serves on two important Lake Travis School District committees that advocate for students' success. And in 2003, she launched Caring for Cambodia (CFC), which today supports 6,700 students each year in twenty-one schools in Siem Reap that have been named by the Cambodian government as the model schools for the entire country. She is a four-time recipient of the Cambodian government's prestigious Golden Hand Service Award.Most recently, Jamie founded Staying Bothered, a global movement to help people find what bothers them the most and to motivate them to get involved and stay committed. Jamie and her husband, Bill, lived in Asia for a decade and now make their home in Austin, Texas. They have six children, including two from Cambodia, and one grandson, all of whom understand the importance of"staying bothered."Adam Snyder has written, co-authored, and ghosted more than a dozen books with top CEOs and other leaders. He has also written many speeches and produced and written animated series and documentaries for his company, Rembrandt Films. Now that their two children are grown, he and his wife live and work a life untethered in places across the globe with high-speed internet, as explained further at livinglifeuntethered.com.

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