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Soar Into Joy: A Combat Pilot’s Wisdom for Falling in Love with Your Life


September 29, 2023

Book Details

In Soar Into Joy, Loree "Rowdy" Draude offers an introspective look into her life, highlighting both her triumphs and setbacks as a Silicon Valley executive, a startup founder, a parent and as one of the first women to fly combat jets in the U.S. Navy.Loree writes about contending with society's entrenched fears. She emphasizes the interconnectedness of society and how we all depend on one another. Despite her daunting achievements, like landing jets on moving aircraft carriers, her most significant fears stemmed from feelings of inadequacy. Soar Into Joy originates from a letter Loree penned to her child during a particularly trying time, detailing her many failures, ranging from minor embarrassments like failing in school sports to more significant setbacks in her career and personal life. These challenges are used as a framework to discuss resilience and overcoming adversity.The primary focus of the book is the SOAR acronym, representing the four themes she believes are crucial for personal growth: Self-Awareness, Openness, Appreciation, and Responsibility. In essence, the book underscores the idea that everyone has the potential to "soar" despite the inevitable challenges life presents. Through Loree's unique experiences and the SOAR framework, readers are encouraged to engage their fears, embrace self-awareness, and pursue a fulfilling life.

Author Description

Loree Draude is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who advises and coaches executives and founders on how to improve their leadership. She is a sought-after speaker for her entertaining and inspirational talks about how to soar professionally and personally. Loree draws on her years of experience in the tech industry and the U.S. Navy, where she was one of the first women to fly combat jets. She deployed twice to the Persian Gulf, accumulating over 300 carrier landings and 1600 flight hours. After completing her naval service, Loree led product, marketing and operations teams at startups and tech companies, including Google and Meta. Loree holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in Entrepreneurial Management, and a BA in Mathematics from the University of San Diego.

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