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Simple Accent Reduction & Speech Training Audio Book


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August 1, 2018

Book Details

Communicate Successfully in Business and in Life! Simple Accent Reduction & Speech Training is a complete, hands-on workbook that gives all of the basic tools you need to speak English more clearly and confidently. It gives easy step-by-step exercises and drills in exact placement of lips, teeth and tongue for all of the sounds of the English language. It includes special warm-up exercises that strengthen the voice and all muscles used for speaking. Also included are tongue twisters to give the voice a workout, plus an audio version dictionary pronunciation key. This book is excellent for anyone of any nationality, and effective help for actors and public speakers.

Author Description

Judy Young began teaching Speech and Accent Reduction in 1991. She had attended Columbia College Chicago, where she studied writing, communications and media arts and broadcasting. She later studied speech and acting at the Ted Liss Studio in Chicago, now known as the Chicago Actor's Studio. There she received extensive speech training from the late Ted Liss, then one of the top voice talents and speech instructors in the U.S. Among the alumni of the Ted Liss Studio are Virginia Madsen, Karl Malden, Tom Bosley, Geraldine Page and Robert Urich. Judy originally taught speech and accent reduction only to actors. Realizing that this technique could be applied to help any person of any nationality, she refined and improved on what she had learned to help anyone to speak English more clearly and effectively. To date, she has successfully worked with over 50 different nationalities including German, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish, among many others. Judy teaches private and group lessons and webinars all over the world via Skype and Zoom.

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