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She's The Boss: Rise of Women Leaders


June 18, 2022

Book Details

Women face different roadblocks from men as they advance in their careers. Their scripts are different. From early childhood, girls are taught that their ultimate success depends upon acting in certain stereotypical ways, such as being polite, soft-spoken, compliant, and relationship-oriented. So, women wind up acting like girls even after they are grown up. They have to learn that they have choices. Behaviors that were appropriate in girlhood, but not in womanhood, may be contributing to their career stagnation, plateauing, or even derailing from their career path. "Nice girls don't enter the corner office," says bestselling author Lois P. Frankel. Success doesn't come from acting more like a man, but by acting more like a woman instead of a girl. This book, based on leadership research, interviews, and insights from thousands of successful women, participating in UN Global Compact Network India's "Developing Women Leadership-A Roadmap to Success" workshops, will enable upcoming and successful women leaders to: Exhibit courage to speak to the unspoken Make decisions without being overly concerned with what others will say Turn weaknesses into strengths by leading with heart and vulnerability Leverage workplace relationships to their advantage Learn how to negotiate and say 'no' gracefully Maintain work-life harmony Practice and replicate proven skills of successful women leaders "She's The Boss- How Women Leaders Rise" is about empowerment. It is a must-have book for any woman looking to get ahead. It does not matter whether you are a young corporate executive, CEO of a start-up, captain of a sports team, head of an academic institution, or a political leader; this book will guide you to avoid the pitfalls women leaders often make in their careers, adapt to successful women's leadership styles, direct your destiny and move you into your company's executive suite.

Author Description

Maverick, Risk-taker, Storyteller, and Go-getter Professor Rajeev R Sharma is a leadership practitioner, who believes that leaders are made, they are not born. Also, he is an author, speaker, consultant, and professor, who spends his time with his class-be it corridor leaders, technical geeks of IIT, multitasking businesswomen, or crazy silicon-valley start-ups. He strongly believes in leading from the front, having more than four decades of leadership experience in different capacities at Canara Bank, superannuating as Chief General manager, and having a reputation for turning around all his workplaces. He has been a professor at IMI, New Delhi, and is presently busy in teaching strategic leadership at IIT, Gandhinagar, and conducting leadership transition programs for corporates. As Faculty Director, UN Global Compact Network India, he has extensively researched women's leadership skills, developed a leadership model for women leaders, and conducted multiple workshops to help women leaders break the glass ceilings. In his ground-breaking book "She's the Boss, Rise of Women Leaders", he examines why women's progress in achieving senior leadership roles has stalled, explains the barriers, and offers his leadership model and easy to practice action plans for behavioral changes that have already proven to be game-changers for thousands of women leaders. His earlier book, "How to Stop Pleading & Start Leading" is already an Amazon bestseller and available at https://amzn.to/3jDSr2i He can be contacted at: Email: rajrs1975@gmail.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajeevrajansharma Website: www.rajeevrsharma.in

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