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Second Child

by Richard Hahn


Category : Action & Adventure

ISBN No :9781618132505

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How far would you go to replace the irreplaceable...? Richard and Rachel Marks seemingly have it all. He is a rising star in pediatric neurosurgery, her first children's novel has just been published, and they have a beautiful little girl, Max. When Max is injured and dies an agonizing death, the family is plunged into a living hell. Rachel is inconsolable and Richard desperately reaches out for the most radical solution imaginable. He will have Immunology Science Associates clone Max and bring her back to their family.
Founder of ISA Nobel Laureate Eric Sommersby, owns the proprietary biotechnology "co restriction analysis," that will perfect therapeutic cloning and provide an unlimited supply of perfectly matched human organs for transplantation. But ISA is under heavy pressure from Jay Frichter's The National Family Council who suspect that the company plans to use the technology to clone human beings.

The Marks are Sommersby's answer to his critics, a perfect example for the benefits of human cloning. He sends the Marks to his facility in Sicily where they are prepared to produce an exact replica of their beloved Max. But the National Family Council is intent on exposing ISA's secret plan. Rachel and Richard risk their lives when they come face to face with the violent side of these two opposing camps and the insidious consequences of Sommersby's promising but untested technology.
Second Child is a suspenseful journey across the boundaries of medical science and the limitless boundaries of a parent's heart.

Author Information

Richard Hahn

Richard M. Hahn MD has been practicing medicine for thirty one years specializing in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Doctor Hahn is the medical director of the Southmont rehabilitation and nursing facility and South minster Place assisted living in Washington PA. He cares for more than a dozen centenarians and looks forward adding more to that list every year.

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