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RU (Respectfully U(ni)verse)


Prowess Publishing
February 7, 2022
Science & Nature

Book Details

Respectfully U(ni)verse is about the formation of universe and its roots. The evolution of species. How the universal phenomenon was discovered in old Hindu treatises Yajurveda, Rugveda, Upanishads like Taitteriya, Prasna, Eeshavaasya etc. All living beings are born on the earth in accordance with their level of evolution. From uni-cell to multi-cell, all living beings have been born on the earth through specialized evolutionary process. Such evolution is confined only to their level of physiological and emotional development. Therefore, there would arise no question of ruling class and ruled class of species. Some living beings like amphibians, birds, invertebrates give birth to their siblings in the form of egg. These eggs are hatched out to give life to offspring of their native species. Some other animals like vertebrates, primates, mammals etc. give birth to completely physiologically developed offspring which are native to their own genes. I started writing this book only to explain the link which was naturally established between the empirical science of astronomy and suggestive science of astrology. Not only the human beings, other animal species and the mother earth, but also all the celestial objects which are either tangible or intangible are life forms only but in their own specific way. Unless there is a pull by a celestial object from outside atmosphere of the earth, the capillary action or circulation of live fluids would not exist in any living being on earth. The Satellite, Moon is the source of such gravitational pull. Due to the force induced by thelunar gravitational pull, the rasa (live fluids) are generated in the earth and circulates through capillaries of earthen atmosphere. "With reference to the universe:" likewise, all the celestial bodies are formed, forming and will be forming with these induced capillary action on each other by the respective celestial bodies. Such celestially induced force, develops the capillary action in all bodies from the smallest one to largest stars which are the main reason for our existence, emotions, experiments, exposures and thought processes. Accordingly it is "Ru Respectfully U'verse, oh my universe".

Author Description

The author Sri Satya Anantha Seshasailendra Kopparapu was born in the year 1972 on 1st september in Municipal Town of Narasaraopet located in the district of Guntur, State of Andhra Pradesh, India. His father is KVRKVL Prasada Rao (fondly known as K.V. Prasad) and his mother is K. Lakshmi Tulasi. He is blessed with three siblings of which one is elder brother Sri K.V. Purushottamarao, younger sisters Smt. M.N. Vilasita Madhav and Smt. K.S. Neehari a Suresh. He got married to K. Syamala Rani. Sri K.S.A. Seshasailendra, the Author and his wife Smt. K. Syamala Rani are blessed by Lord Venkateswara to have a son by name K.V.A.P.R. Saketha Chakravarthi.Earlier to his son Saketha Chakravarthi, the author couple were blessed with a girl child whose names Tejo Virajitha who was a cerebral palsy child but she died in the year 201 due to high fever. The Author completed his graduation in science and post graduation in Business Administration from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur district of state of Andhra Pradesh, India. After completion of Post graduation, he joined in the service of Government of India in the cadre of Inspector of Income tax in the year 1996. He is presently working as Chief Audit Officer in Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams a world renowned Temple for Hindu Piligrimage. A part from this book, he authored two more books in poetry, in prose style and metric style of Telugu language which is one of the widely spoken languages of mainly in Southern India and in some parts of the world. His telugu poetry is dedicated to lord krishna and his father Sri K.V. Prasada Rao. He is fond of universe and learning about stars etc. He developed a special interest in the formation of universe and its functioning over a period of time. In order to learn the secretes of universe he delved into the vedic scriptures like upanishads and Bhagavadgeeta and dwelled into them quite good time to understand the origin of Universe. His iquisitiveness made him to write the book Ru i.e., Respectfully U'verse, Oh my universe, a science Fiction basing on the vedic revelations.

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