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REHAB - 15 Days To Lasting Life Transformation

by Josh Mayo


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781618130174

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True life change is rare in our society where dysfunction is often celebrated and the endless cycle of rehab and relapse seem to be the norm. Even among Christ-followers, many strive to become more like Christ, but at best, change for only a short time. Author Josh Mayo has been there and in Rehab: 15 Days to Lasting Life Transformation, he shares a proven pathway to change that lasts, change that emerges from a heart consumed by God.

[+] are READY to immerse yourself in the truth of what God thinks of you to become just like Him, from the inside out.
[+] DESIRE to go deeper with God than ever before.
[+] REFUSE to settle for outward, surface change to experience total life change.
[+] LONG to break through the busyness, boredom and noise of the world to see the incredible dream and purpose God holds for your life.

Rehab will help you understand that God always sees you through the eyes of His unconditional, never-ending love and that He has planned an incredible life for you, a future for you beyond your imagination. Jesus came to set up something new, to change the "world" within each of us, to empower and equip us to change the world around us as we live out His purpose.

If normal isn't OK anymore, It's time to check yourself in...it's time for a life REHAB!

Author Information

Josh Mayo

Josh Mayo is one of the premiere emerging pastors of this generation.

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