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Raising a Healthy Child: Universal Nurturing Techniques to Overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences, Child Trauma, and Behavior Disorders


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September 26, 2019
Health & Fitness

Book Details

The power of brain training through nurture using multisensory integration zero to three years and even up to five years of life is essential to prevent behavior and learning disorders, and youth health-risk behaviors. This book is a humanitarian contribution from the Society for Assistance International (SAI) and the SAI Institute of Educare, with the intention of preventing child trauma and consequent neurodevelopmental and physical disorders.This book is the result of my passion to reach out to all and ensure that every child is born to give something back to society. Every parent loves their progeny and wants to give them the best. I am certain that parents might have read thousands of books filled with suggestions on parenting techniques, regimental reward, and reactive limit-setting techniques. But awareness by parents of giving positive early experiences through nurture will help build holistic, intellectual, and effective personality development extracted from every newborn. A knowledgeable parent will seek an education that explains how to nurture and extract inherent potential from each newborn. They will be happy to move away from old theories on raising an infant and will eagerly self-educate to develop the skills to be an effective parent. There is one universal truth that differentiates humanity from the rest of creation. It is only in human beings that the five senses connect the individual to the world with the executive brain, which sits on the top of the eye sockets—orbits—and helps use discrimination and self-regulation to balance all the emotions.

Author Description

Dr. Meena Chintapalli came to USA as an 8 year old in 1960 and ever wanted to come back to this beautiful land of opportunities, land of freedom and spirit. Meena Chintapalli always cared for people for helping the patients to learn balancing emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual life. With a lot of hope re-entered USA on March 30th, 1976. She completed Pediatrics residency in Washington D.C 1976-78, and Ambulatory Pediatrics Fellowship of University of Michcigan, Ann Arbor program 1978-1980. Board certified in Pediatrics in 1980 and no boards for Ambulatory pediatrics in those days. She followed her spouse, leaving behind academic interests and worked as clinical instructor MCMC, Milwaukee. Started Pediatrics solo practice in 1983 and had to move again to final destination with her spouse to San Antonio, Texas in 1988. Dr. MC started solo practice again providing medical care and Body-Mind-Soul connection, through her own interest, to all patients and parents who came for medical care. DR. MC held many positions. Was on Quality Assurance programs for Insurance companies, hospitals, Chaired as Pediatrics Director for neuropsychiatric facility; she was voted as the best Pediatrician locally, won woman of the year award in 1995 by San Antonio Mayor's committee, won awards for AACC for Professional and Community service. On March 30th, 2008 received award for Professional Excellence and Leadership from A.M.A. Foundation for incorporating neuroscience knowledge in daily practice and teaching community through T.E.C.P.D.S and for public lectures. Dr. MC is a clinical adjunct at UTHSCSA; trains students and PNP students. Is a Spiritual leader and started and serves through S.A.I, 501C-3 non profit, that does volunteer services at battered woman's shelter, jail district, Salvation Army, Boysville, Bexar county detention center, Children's shelter and many medical missions. In 2010 was chosen as the World Physician. Is recognized by International, America's and Marqui's Who's Who 2004-2008.Wrote her first book on brain nurture from all evidence based medical literature review and integrated Spirituality and gave the curriculum that is a multi sensory integration for Body-Mind-Soul connection in 2004 titled "Brain, Mind, SAI Educare."The second book is with the knowledge of how children need to be protected from Zero to 3 years and create pathways for better states, traits and future. Dr. Chintapalli hopes to reach to educators, administrators and parents through this book so that we create A BETTER WORLD WITH PREVENTIVE MEASURES FOR SPECTRUM, ADHD and Learning disorders.This third book is a revision of the second book.She developed scales for measuring human character on the 4 tenets that she worked on, was given in the very first publication, and will present in the future along with ctrauma focused Cognitive Behavior management strategies.

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