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R.E.A.D. Dogs

by Meish Goldish


Category : Social Studies

ISBN No :9781684029389

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When Hannah was in first grade, she hated reading. The young girl had dyslexia. She had trouble pronouncing words and even recognizing letters on a page. Hannah felt nervous reading in front of her classmates. Things changed, though, when she met Kaila—a furry, friendly Shetland sheepdog. For a few minutes every week, Kaila would listen quietly as the girl read books aloud. Soon, Hannah felt more relaxed. She could read faster and pronounce hard words. How could a dog like Kaila help a child read? In this inspiring book, young readers will learn about Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.). In schools and libraries all over the world, these specially trained dogs—from tiny terriers to giant mastiffs—are helping kids overcome their difficulties with reading. Packed with real-life stories and adorable, full-color photos of these remarkable animals, this book is sure to be a favorite of dog-lovers everywhere.

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Meish Goldish

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