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Power Up Your Woo Woo 7 Steps to Personal Growth, Empowerment, and Spiritual Healing with Tarot and Oracle Cards


April 21, 2021

Book Details

Do you keep repeating the same dysfunctional or even toxic relationship choices over and over? Do you want a better job and more material abundance in your life, but it always seems meant for others and not you? Do you need to make a big change in your life and can't find the courage to do it? Have you pushed away the dreams and desires of your heart? Do you think of yourself as a spiritual person, and would love to take that to a more powerful level? Power Up Your Woo Woo will empower you for success in all of these and other key areas of your life in a fresh and unique way. Power Up Your Woo Woo: 7 Steps to Personal Fulfillment, Empowerment, and Spiritual Healing gives you an easy, proven, and trackable system to help you evolve to the best you with fast results. Whether you've never used Tarot or Oracle cards before or are an experienced, even professional user and reader of the cards, you will benefit immensely from learning and using the methods in Power Up Your Woo Woo. You will learn about 12 different woo-woo tools that will take Tarot and Oracle card messages to a whole new level. You will also learn how to: ? Connect easily with your source of Divine Guidance to help you thrive even in life's most challenging situations and relationships. ? Adjust your world view to one of infinite possibilities, abundance, joy, compassion, and gratitude. ? Plug in to your power source for feeling more inspired, creative, empowered, and authentically generous. ? Believe in your own intuition and see your own sixth-sense gifts at work in your life. ? Learn the life lessons you came here to learn. Lessons will be repeated until you get it! This informative and life-changing book will take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation like no other. You will discover a multi-sensory way to see yourself, others, and the world in a new, expanded way. You will get the answers you want and need.

Author Description

A life of travel and teaching has always been in the cards for Dianne who has lived in or visited over 45 countries around the planet. Much of her inspiration for writing comes from people and adventures she has encountered along the way. Most recently, she taught English to professional native-Italian speakers in a 12th-century abbey in the countryside near Florence. The adventure continues. A deep fascination for all things esoteric has provided a quest for Dianne as long as she can remember. Dianne is a member of the Tarot Readers' Academy and the Tarot Professionals groups on Facebook, and now passionately pursues study and writing on topics that deeply impact us all and add light to the world. Dianne resides in Houston, Texas for the time being with her beloved West Highlands White Scottish Terrier, Nessie.

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