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Power Guesting: Insider Secrets To Profit From Being A Great Podcasting Guest


Anspach Media
August 3, 2018

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Podcasting is in a nutshell is a way for you to share your experience, knowledge and stories to gain authority with a new audience. But, there are tricks, tips and secrets to make your podcasting more profitable. In this book by Heather Havenwood and Rob Anspach you'll discover… •How to share your personal story, not your resume. •Why controlling the conversation does not work. •How to share your failures in a compelling way. •Maximizing your experience. •How to have podcast hosts say YES to you easily & effortlessly •How to evolve and grow as a podcasting guest •Understanding your ROI •Pitching yourself •How to brand YOU •And much more After being interviewed over 350 times, Heather shares her podcasting experience to help you be engaging, compelling and to drive more traffic to you.

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