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Points to Ponder

by W. E. Hunter


Category : History & Biographies

ISBN No :9781618130310

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Many congregations are faced with hidden danger involving their perception of "inadequacy" on the one hand and "having sufficiency" on the other. The former often leads to the belief that a congregation lacks growth and influence simply because of inadequate human and financial resources, ministries, and programs. The latter often leads to the belief that a congregation's growth and influence are due to its abundant human and financial resources or its many ministries and programs. Each view maximizes the relative importance of the congregation as a whole while minimizing the impact and importance of the individual member. What ultimately is lost is the fact that God does His work of transforming people, situations, and nations (congregations also) through individual (few or many) who are committed to Him and dedicated to following His plan.

- God brought an entire nation to repentance using one reluctant, albeit obedient, prophet, Jonah (Jonah 1-4).
- He used one man (Joseph) to preserve a nation of people (Genesis 39-50).
- He used the faith of a shepherd boy (David) to defeat a giant of huge proportions (Goliath) - a victory that ultimately led to the defeat of the philistines (1 Samuel 17).
- God used one committed man (the apostle Paul) to turn the mighty Roman Empire virtually upside down.

This book focused attention on the capabilities and responsibilities of individual church members that they might positively impact their congregations, their communities, and the world.

Author Information

W. E. Hunter

Evangelist W. E. (Bill) Hunter has been preaching the gospel for ore than 45 years and has served churches in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Washington Indiana, Colorado and Oregon. He holds a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology, and a master of divinity degree in biblical counseling.

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