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Pillars of English


Prowess Publishing
May 21, 2019

Book Details

English is a respectable and sophisticated language. Learning proper English is not as complicated as we make it out to be. On the contrary, it is quite simple to learn English if we have the proper guidance and means of learning. This book does exactly that. It builds the foundation, the pillars of your understanding and helps you to build a beautiful and elegant sky scraper, metaphorically speaking. This book serves, helps both self learners and teachers who are looking for new ways to teach. Pillars Of English is a book which covers the basics of grammar which is useful to all ages. A book that helps us in every stage of our lives, from childhood to old age.

Author Description

Divya Reddy Meda is an up-and-coming artist. She works part time as an art teacher alongside finishing her studies. Apart from art and studies, she spends her time volunteering in orphanages and at homes for the elderly. This inspired her to start a NGO,' Macle', working towards educating underprivileged children.Macle is a merger of three distinct projects: enlighten, elevate, emancipate. These three projects are executed simultaneously in the orphanages holding hands with the NGO. We primarily focus on teaching english to the kids of various orphanages along with the required subjects in their schools and extra curricular activities. The common problem we noticed in our survey is that the orphanages are looking for someone to excel their kids in english. So we started Macle which is a non profit organisation.

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