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One Step to Moksha


Prowess Publishing
July 8, 2020

Book Details

Spiritual pursuit is beleived to be difficult and most people do not consider taking it up. But with proper information and guidance it is possible for an average person to successfully take up the challenge and with persistence, determination and faith/shraddha, one can attain 'Moksha' in the present lifetime itself. After studying Bhagavad Gita and with the guidance on my Guru, I have found that it is relatively simple. I have been practising the spiritual saadhanas of Karma Yoga, Upaasana Yoga and Jnaana Yoga for the past few years. This book is to share my own experiences with all and to strongly recommend it to all and the title is to emphasize that the spiritual path is easy for anyone who desires to achieve that Ultimate Knowledge.

Author Description

Dr. M. Mohan Rao, M. S, M. Ch (Plast. Surg.), Ex Hon. Professor of Surgery & Hon. Surgeon, Kilpauk Medical College & Govt. Royapettah Hospital, Chennai, South India. (1976 to 1996). Ex Visiting Consultant in Railway Hospital & Cancer Hospital, Chennai, India. Was Managing Director & Chief Surgeon at Dr. U. Mohan Rau Memorial Hospital, Chennai. (1995 to 2004)Retired from profession in 2004, but pursuing spiritual activities since 1980. Here is an outline of the spiritual journey of Dr. M. Mohan Rao in his own words:At the height of my Surgical practice in Chennai in 1980s, my interest in spiritual matters was kindled in me by my nephew Mr. K. Srikanth Rao. I started studying Bhagavad Gita and few other books and also attended several spiritual discourses by some learned Gurus. I started converting my professional work or karmas into 'Karma Yoga' and also started doing regular meditations. Later, when I fully retired from surgical profession and settled into my 'Retreat' in Mysore, in 2004, I continued all spiritual activities more vigorously. In 2013, I relocated myself in Suvidha Retirement Village in Bangalore. Here we started learning the basics of Samskrit language and also detailed study of Gita under the leadership of Smt. Vasanti Nayak,an expert in Samskrit and very knowledgeable person about Gita. I had the good fortune of getting initiated and getting 'Deeksha' from my revered Guruji, Swami Paramarthananda, who continues to guide me. I regularly and repeatedly listen to his audio summaries of all chapters of Gita. In Suvidha, we have regular satsangs with like-minded people. My spiritual saadhanaas are more regular and systematic now. Recently I have penned down all my ideas and thoughts on how anyone can proceed along the spiritual path, in the form of a small book titled 'One step to Moksha'. I do hope all people and friends would benefit by reading the book and following the guidelines suggested. Currently I am an active and keen spiritual seeker. The book 'One step to Moksha' is to stimulate interest in any reader to take the spiritual path in one's life and to point out that it is not difficult. Anyone can take up this pursuit and succeed and get 'Liberated'.

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