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Nutritional Oversights And Solutions That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Laura Belg-Adams, C.M.


Category : Health & Fitness

ISBN No :9780991530311

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Nutritional Oversights And Solutions That Will Blow Your Mind! Ever wonder why people this day and age are having such a struggle with their nutritional programs, diets and food in general? The avenues people are taking are only providing minimal results and no long term solutions. Folks, we as a whole don't understand nutrition. From cover to cover this ebook will break things down to you and provide solutions that will blow your mind.

Author Information

Laura Belg-Adams, C.M.

Laura Belg-Adams is a Certified Microscopist she provides live and dries blood cell analysis. For nearly a decade she has travelled the globe studying and under studying doctors, practitioners and healers. Laura also spent many years working in labs with chemists and studying how supplementation is actually is developed. This is what really sets her apart from seeing a regular physician or traditional natural path. Laura not only discovers the root causes of what is ailing you, then proceeds with a hands on approach to solving your health matters. Laura believes strongly in empowering and educating others so you will learn how to take care of yourself for life.

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