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Nine Lives


October 21, 2020

Book Details

NINE LIVES is a sequel to Twilight in Danzig which tells of Siegfried Kra's childhood leading up to WWII, concluding with his family's escape from the Gestapo. Nine Lives begins when Kra's family emigrates to NY by boat. A riches to rags story, Kra picked up various ways to help feed his family when his once successful father in the coal industry was unable to find work. A desire to study medicine led Kra to Toulouse, France, where he became enraptured by studying every nerve ending and valve of the human body, which he drew on his chalkboard-painted walls and ceiling, until they became a part of him. Kra completed his education at Yale, where he later became a Professor of Medicine and practicing cardiologist. Within this novel are intriguing, charming and touching stories of romance, brushes with death and medical cases during the 'Golden Age of Medicine.' Nine Lives is an enchanting look into an older world that no longer exists and will stick with you long after you put it down. This was then…While some of these stories appear within the short stories of Dancer in the Garden, this book narrates a sequential, comprehensive, and more detailed life story. Kra wanted to save lives so that people could continue to live and love.

Author Description

Siegfried Kra was born in Danzig in 1930. After escaping from the Gestapo, his family emigrated to New York, where Siegfried learned how to speak English without an accent, to be viewed as an American, rather than a German. He attended CCNY, then went to medical school in France and Switzerland before completing his training in cardiology at Yale. In a half century of practice, he treated tens of thousands of patients, some of whom inspired his fictional story collections. Dr. Kra has published over a dozen books, including What Every Woman Must Know About Heart Disease from Warner Books, and The Three-Legged Stallion from W.W. Norton; and most recently from Pleasure Boat Studio, Twilight in Danzig and The Dancer in the Garden. His passions include opera, growing orchids, and tennis, which he still plays weekly at age ninety. He also still teaches as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and at Quinnipiac University Netter School of Medicine.

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