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The Mysterious Chronicles of the Unexplained


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April 16, 2015

Book Details

The title "The Mysterious Chronicles of the Unexplained", is a collection or Anthology of breaking new events that caught the attention of the public new media. Most of the material in this collection concerns the mysterious and unexplained happenings of specific. Quite often in todays news media certain detailing involving the deals of breaking news events is withheld or perhaps not even discussed. This material strives to enlighten the reader with an emphasis towards looking beneath the surface of new reports and our usual perception of reality.

Author Description

Ellery D. Poole is from Western Kentucky, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Poole was inspired to write this collection of true-life stories thru his interest in strange phenomena and unexplained mysteries. Earlier in life, he would often listen to folklore about his surrounding community, which was shared by his grandmother. When his grandmother would tell him stories, he asked her if the stories were true. And she'd reply, "Of course." From his early exposure to folklore, and the imaginative stories his grandmother would tell, he developed and interest in unexplained mysteries, unusual occurrences, and strange phoenomena, the theme of this collection of stories. Two stories in this collection, Unwelcome Visitors (an alien encounter) and The Sleeping Prophet (a biography of Edgar Cayce) are based in the Hopkinsville area.

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