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My Cravings, My Throes: A Collection of Poems


Prowess Publishing
August 5, 2019

Book Details

"MY CRAVINGS, MY THROES" is a matchless and peerless collection of poems of Hilal Ahmad Mir. The book is divided into two sections. It depicts the subjective and objective world of the poet. When we go to the depths of the depthless depths of the book, we come to know that the poet craves for something, but his cravings are not fulfilled. Unfulfillment of the cravings pains the poet wildly and the unfulfillment of the cravings gives rise to throes. The book is the best one. Hilal Ahmad has touched every issue in the book. He believes in humanity. He tells in one of the poems that all human beings are one. They belong to the same parents. Allah has given the same air, water, sky, sun, moon, earth. . . to all. Why do they fight in this fleeting world for nothing? He believes in the fraternity, justice, peace, equality. . . This book is good in every sense. It is not inapt to write here that the book is the Panacea of the ills.

Author Description

HILAL AHMAD MIR is a young man. He is a very good person. He is a very mild, meek, gentle, sociable, philanthropic and religious young man. He has a great love for all the beings. He has a sympathetic, compassionate and ruthful heart. The waves of love for the whole humanity and all the creatures collide wildly in his abysmal manical throbbing heart. He does not want to see anybody in distress. He is a good budding poet. He writes in English language. He is also a good athlete and player. Games, Sports, prayers and the recitation of the holy Quran are his delicious food. He runs ten to fifteen kilometres every day at this time. He is the captain of his Kabaddi club; i.e Ealiya Kabaddi club Haigam and General Secretary of Ealiya Sports Association Haigam. He has won so many tournaments for his team. He is the backbone of his team. We pray to Allah that Hilal Ahmad Mir may live long! May he prosper and succeed in every field of life! May his pen move freely and ceaselessly for ever! MASTER GH MOHAMMED MIR.

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