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Main Colors: Fairy Tales

by Maka Sepashvili


Category : Fairy Tales & Folklore

ISBN No :9781545744147

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Long time ago, when the universe was created, humans were born. They didn't appreciate the immortality gifted by God, so twin brothers Life and Death were born. Both lived separately and served their pursuits and affairs. They hadn't seen each other in a very long time, and one day Life unexpectedly came across Death. "Hello, how are you doing? We haven't met in so long!" Life said in a jolly voice. "Oh," sighed Death, "what can I say, I'm lonesome. Nobody loves me. Everybody is afraid of me; they curse my existence. People hate me. However, what can I do? This is why I was born; this is my purpose. Nevertheless, you aren't the same–you are different," he said in jealously. "No feast table is laid without you. They say toasts, and they praise and bless you. It's true that we are brothers–offspring of one father. But we have different fates and destinies..." "Good," Life stood up, "let's go and see the world. We'll find the people who don't hate you. Who knows–maybe there will be more than we know. You will find out that humans themselves are creators of their fates. You only meet them at the time of their deaths, but I spent their entire lives with them and know well what it means to carry the pain of human race on my shoulders." Stories deal with humans' sins like pride, envy, anger, greed, sloth, impishness, perfidy, disloyalty, arrogance, deception, about death and life and etc. That life is just a minute to live and percept; human is often just a weapon in hands of fortune. How people seek for the happiness, try to survive and live, and often can't see, that simply happiness lies in front of them, watching something doesn't mean seeing. The stories give people to judge and show them their inner hidden world. Here you'll meet kings, angels, beloved bees, just ordinary people and etc.

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Maka Sepashvili

Maka Sepashvili

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