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Lyrics of Lives


Prowess Publishing
February 12, 2019

Book Details

My book 'LYRICS OF LIVES' enumerates various categories of poems, namely : Nature, Life, Death, Triumph, Suspense, Challenges of growing Urbanization and other virtues like truth, innocence and piety. All my poems revolve around the beauty of heart and soul, how one battles against adversities, how one comes out victorious even though situations pose numerous hurdle. I've even taken a peek into issues of life and death, our eternal journey that continues forever. The baggage of this life transcends into the next, good or bad, we need to take responsibilities of our deeds. The plight of our Mother Earth, the so called 'Blue Planet' endowed to us, is in an alarming state! My poems attempts to awaken mankind to save our Mother Earth. The enchanting beauty of nature has been depicted beautifully in my poem 'The Wilderness' that takes a supreme place among all my poems as it defines life that enjoys the ecstasy of nature, far away from worldly clutter, where you feel closest to the Almighty and take the delight, it happens to offer. Also suspense takes a special place among the list of my poems, not with an aim to scare alone but seeing to it that suspense leaves you with some interesting message. Hope that my readers find them engrossing and at the same time enjoyable. Also the race to touch the pinnacle of success, amass tangible possessions, leave behind others, has turned the new genre into machines. Their 'speed and success drive' have snapped them tragically from their near and dear ones. My poem 'Lyrics of Lives' dwells on piety, piety within family and piety for the larger family under the sky. This will be clear through 'Maami' and 'After Thirty Years'. Apart from spiritual angle, my poems talks about the bitterness of human society, how they abandon people who might need them, whose agonies could be attended through their love and care but alas! Life perishes and others never get to know why. My poems delve with streaks of personality that one is born with and which is a hard crust to crack yet I also believe that certain catastrophic incident in one's life has the ability to reformat one's perspective towards life as will be apparent in my poems, 'The Chiselled Diamond' and 'Blissful Amiss'. Finally 'My Little Restless Nephew' and 'Oh! Dad' comes along with the fragrance of innocence and reverence, the former brings smile to the face while the latter fills tears into eyes for having lost such endearing dad, a God substitute in most of our lives.

Author Description

Born and brought up in Calcutta, the City of Joy. After finishing school, college and university from Calcutta pursued teaching as profession. Later got settled in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. Children's innocence and uncomplicated behavior attracted me towards teaching. Besides teaching, have been passionately involved into writing poems, short stories for young and old, oil paintings on canvasses. To be amidst nature is also something I always look forward to, as nature is a sanctuary of peace and harmony. However my poems, dig deep into various aspects of life, those I have felt deeply, may they be nature, courage, piety, innocence, reverence, cruelty or even thrill and suspense I've tried to pen them down with the sole inclination to share them with you. Hope my poems add a different dimension to thinking.

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