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Lub-Dub of Every Heart


Prowess Publishing
April 11, 2022

Book Details

"Lub-Dub" are two sounds that are heard during each heartbeat. The book "Lub-Dub of Every Heart" is about those multiple sounds every heart suffers, tolerates, rejoices, cooperates during the flow of emotions. Let in, and let out, are the reason behind me and you. It's the reason behind what we are today.It's a short and self-help book written in a very easily understandable way. Cover to cover, this book is an easy read. Every chapter is precise and a perfect read during a tea/coffee break. It's readers' choice when and where to read. After reading every chapter, you may relate yourself to the same. You may even relate to your family, friends, and colleagues. It's a short book that takes less than an hour to read.Let us help ourselves to manage the sounds so that every heart doesn't suffer and tolerate, but cooperate and rejoice.

Author Description

Najma Zareen was born and grew up in Aurangabad a historical city famous for its 52 gates and centuries-old Ellora caves. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and a Master's in management. Writing poetry is her passion, developed during her school days, having hands-on motivational skills, and counseling she never thought of being an author until she realized that her thoughts must reach people however, a Self-help book is an outcome of day to day living.

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