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Lights zine: issue number one


May 8, 2020

Book Details

LIGHTS is a new, possibly annual, space for a variety of local and Pleasure Boat Studio talents. Behind the name: When first coming up with the name for this collective way to publish more people, I was thinking of one word possibilities, starting with boat related ideas to pair the theme with 'Pleasure Boat': mast, anchor, waves, skiff, oar, etc. Then, 'lights' came to me, simple as that and I liked it and stuck with it. The feeling of it felt warm, infinite, fresh, mysterious, clean, airy, mystical, soft, glowing, urban, can't even describe it really….Then, I got to thinking of forms of light, natural and electric, and the feeling and meanings "Light" can evoke by what light is cast, by which angle and direction, and what lights can show or reveal, reflect or bare witness to. Lights illuminate the dark so we can see, so we can see where we're going, and see where we are.So, take a glimpse and a ponder into what these contributors want to show you, for what they may put a spotlight on in our lit up world, however dark it might get sometimes.short stories: John Christopher Nelson / essays: Baret Magarian, Mary Lou Sanelli / poetry: Esther Cohen, John Delaney, Eileen Duncan, Scott Ezell, David Grosskopf, Alicia Hokanson, Edward Harkness, Jared Leising, Claudia Castro Luna, Kevin Miller, Melissa Niño, Allison Paul, Sherry Rind, Sarah Plimpton, Scott Ruescher, Judith Skillman, Kari Vamaro, Thomas Walton, Michael Dylan Welch, Shin Yu Pai / art: Jason Bloom, Lauren Grosskopf, Nancy Peacock, Lara Swimmer, Travis Winn, Robert Zimmer

Author Description

Pleasure Boat Studio

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