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Learn to Intern CEO Style: 71 Leadership Principles that Got Me and Now You Money, A Free Graduate Degree, and Respect!

by Antoine D. Moss


Category : Self Help

ISBN No :9781618130341

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"Learn to Intern CEO Style shows you how to develop and shape your CEO skills and attitude through internships, written by a student currently completing his eighth world-class internship. Antoine Moss developed the ""Creator of Excellent Opportunities"" (CEO) internship style framework from his fascinating, once-in-a-life time experiences. He has interned on Capitol Hill, with the FBI, and NASA. Moss co-interned with celebrities and played an integral role in solving a federal law enforcement case. This book will help students and young professionals stand out in today??â??â??s over crowed job market so they can land the job of their dreams!

""Learn to Intern CEO Style is an essential guide for enterprising students trying to break into a career at all levels of government and business organizations. This book is a genuine and honest look at what to do, and more importantly, what not to do in the world of internships. What Moss has created is a handy book with a mix of authentic stories about being in the trenches coupled with practical ""how-to"" advice. An invaluable addition to your personal library!""

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, City of Pittsburgh
Mayor Ravenstahl, 29-years-old, youngest mayor of any major U.S. city"

Author Information

Antoine D. Moss

Since 2006 Antoine has been employed by NASA Glenn Research Center where he once helped design an innovative leadership development program for NASA's employees. Antoine initially stared working with NASA as an intern, but subsequently landed a full-time job with NASA as a result of his stellar high performance during his internship.

Over the years Antoine has been privileged to develop a powerful network of highly successful professionals. His network of high performers is comprised of astronauts, millionaires, U.S. Congressional officials, FBI agents, famous celebrities, past NBA & NFL players, doctors, authors, senior executives, and national business moguls. From these transformational encounters Antoine learned and intensely continues to study the attributes of high performance, and he began to put his knowledge into practice to achieve extraordinary success. As a result, Antoine created his high performance C.E.O. Maximum Achievement System that empowers young professionals to accelerate personal achievement, career advancement, and leadership capabilities.

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    Everyone should read this book, not only students or those planning to pursue an internship. This book has good points and guidance for everyone, whether looking to apply for an internship or not, even adults. I feel that all students, even in high school should have access to the book because of the points of encouragement. Some that were not planning to attend college may be encouraged to do so after reading the book. Good work, Antoine! I see success in your future, not only because of your achievements so far and your willingness to share how you have gained those achievements, but because of your belief and faith in God! This book is an encouragement for one to strive to obtain higher heights of achievement.

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