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Lange's Legacy

by Christina Engela


Category : Science Fiction

ISBN No :9781387943722

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My name is Sean Lange, and you will probably never have heard of me. I always wanted to leave some kind of a legacy in this life, and perhaps to be remembered in a good way. Instead, circumstances have arranged it so that this is probably the last time I will ever use that name, and it probably won't be remembered very kindly. By now you will have noticed the name and registration of the shuttle. Demeter. I'm sure when you run it through the interweb, or if you're from a military ship, through your own database – you'll see that you've stumbled across a relic of one of those great mysteries of deep space, and probably one of those missing ships people like to write spooky stories about. Well, whatever they wrote, buddy, they got it quite wrong! You can take it from me! I was the chief of security on that civilian behemoth, and I saw it all go down! Hell, I was right in the center of it! "Lange's Legacy" is a story about Sean Lange, a man who works on a huge star-liner as chief of security. It's a monotonous routine job, and with around 3000 guests and 1500 crew to look after, there's no rest for the wicked! Space travel is pretty exciting, as he would tell anyone who asked – which, as far as he was concerned - only meant you get to see your life flash before your eyes several times a day – but can't hear much dialog over the sound of your own screaming! The disappearance of the Red Star Liner "Demeter" had become one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of commercial deep-space travel - until a military ship on patrol spots an object drifting in space – which turns out to be a shuttle from the long-lost mystery ship... "Lange's Legacy" is the fourth title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.

Author Information

Christina Engela

"Lange's Legacy" is the fourth title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.

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