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Kayaya and Other Tales Part 2


Prowess Publishing
March 8, 2021

Book Details

"Kayaya and Other Tales" are stories and picture of passion, dynamism, of innovation, of inspiration, of battle against nature, of friendship, of family, of love and of technologies. It teaches how animal communicate, including dogs, otters, birds, snakes. It describes fate of bears, lions, chimpanzees, and birds due to climate change, about melting ice, storm on the mountain, earth quake, and impact of computer as well as Earth bound asteroid. It teaches love of grand children, their health. It describes health of refugees, of house maid, of widowers, and that of a soldier. It depicts succinctly life of children in orphanage, of adopted children, of tribal doctors, of tribal kids. It describes life of a teacher, his teachings, and his motivation. It narrates love of a true friend, dedication during whether emergencies, love of children, love of sick children, love for mother, for grandparents, for teachers. It depicts, through a complicated maze, dedicated carrier paths to become a photographer, painter, guitarist, singer, farming, sport person, pilot, or a doctor. It teaches entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, faith, and adventure of flying and technologies. It also narrates life and transformation of a thief, life of priest, life of a house maid, life of a gardener, life of a convicts, life of a police officer, and life of a poacher.

Author Description

The author was fondly called Baudia Shrikant by his grandmother and his father. He was born in the tribal Baudh of Kandhmal district of Odisha. He graduated from St Stephen's College, DU where he became a faculty and was a senior fellow from Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA. He is a professor of biotechnology and an oriental story teller. Professor Mishra Shrikant has developed many life saving drugs, which belong in the top ten categories, to the clinical setting. His drugs save human lives. His literary plots including innovation and technologies elucidate human behavior, realism, irony, and humor and deals with many human and planetary issues. His soft satire and social commentary on human friendship embrace humanity in its entirety. Most of his stories were written about goodness of social fabric, in his loneliness, while developing life saving drugs. He has tried to depict the limitations and eccentricity of human behavior. Having seen wars and violence up close few of his stories depict the same. Instability of family life has been an inspiration in all his stories and reflects self sacrifice and sensibility of value system and moral standards. He aspires that his plots and narratives touch children of all ages as well as the elite. With his two children Krisheel and Ambrita who critiqued the plots and graphics "Kayaya and Other Tales" was completed. The author dedicates these stories to his late parents, all his teachers, and to the children of the world.

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