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International UFO Library Magazine: Vol. 1 No. 4


UFO Library
October 6, 2022

Book Details

Joseph J. Randazzo, Writer – Publisher - Executive Producer Presents The Historical Classic Collectors Issue Vol April / May 1994. 80 Pages. Full-Color. The International UFO Library Magazine. Featuring Articles From Around The World. Page 5. USA – The UFO Library President by Colee Viedelle – Smith. Page 6. Switzerland – A Search For Truth by J. Randolph Winters Page 10. England Circles Phenomenon Research by Colin Andrews Page 12. USA – UFO's and Common Sense by Glen Steckling. Page 14. Italy – Landing In Verona by Roberto Pinotti. Page 15. Worldwide – Visitation Phenomena by Tom Goode. Page 16. USA – The Gulf Breeze Sightings by Bob Oechsler. Page 21. England – Caught In The Act – Crop Circles by Preston E. Dennett. Page 22. Germany – The Pictogram and the Plate by Michael Hesemann. Page 24. USA - Close Encounters of the Multiple -Abduction Kind by J.J Hurtak Ph.D. Page 26. Universal – Why Do The ET's Pick Curtain Humans by Joseph J. Randazzo. Page 27. England – Out of the Darkness by Tony Dodd. Page 29. Worldwide – UFO Repetitions by George D. Fawcett. The collectors' information and articles in the International UFO Library Magazine published decades ago were the effort and prodigy of traveling to over twenty countries around the world with Emmy award-winning film crews for over five years by Writer, Executive Producer, Joseph J Randazzo and Company. Hundreds of one-on-one interview where conducted to seek out and amass a library of information questioning the UFO / ET subject matter with a goal to question and then compare cases, notes and references from Researchers, Abductees and Contactees. The information collected was far ahead of its time and still shows a straightforward presentation to learn form. Let us learn from this information and grow into the absolute best we can become as a humanity. And always acknowledging and thankful for the endless work, effort and dedication for the UFO Library President, Colee Viedelle – Smith, Product Support

Author Description

Joseph J. Randazzo, a Los Angeles motion picture producer and director, has spent more than three years researching and accumulating material and information for a special television mini-series on the UFO phenomenon. Titled "UFO Contactees", the special is destined to be one of the most complete programs ever attempted on the subject. At last, the public will be privileged to hear and see a comprehensive report on the most controversial subject of our time.

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