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I Was in Love Until I Met You


Prowess Publishing
February 5, 2019

Book Details

Vivan is a best-selling author and he is at a book launch where somebody asks him more about 'Noor'. She is the girl Vivan met in his college and fell in love. She is 11/10 and that extra mark is because of her breath taking dimple. He fell in love with the grace with which she carries her handbag living a college life which one can only dream of, they were the perfect couple. The perfect couple of college with the perfect relationship. But is there such a thing as perfect relationship? This is the story of Vivan, Noor & Kavya and how Vivan explores the different phases of relationships, one sided love, thin line between friendship & love, long distance love & the perfect relationship and in all this hustle & bustle how he manages his career. You ever had questions like, why they left? Why they do not love you? Do they care? Is he the one? Is she the one? Can we fall in love more than once? Should we hold on or let go?I was in love until I met you is the answer to all your queries about love & relationships. It is fresh, warm & dangerously real. It is not a love story, it is a story about love.

Author Description

Nakshatra Sain began his business ventures in diverse discipline right through the college. Due to his entrepreneurial & leadership skill he became the youngest achiever in his college 'Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune' and set up his restaurant & marketing business even before his college ended. Mr. Nakshatra always had certain deviation towards human relationship & how people think and he wanted to revive the negativity about love and give people the deep insights of a relationship & how people can make their relationships better. With an excellence in understanding human dynamics he wrote this book for everyone to understand the phases of a relationship.

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