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Hope in Strange Places


Saguaro Books, LLC
November 16, 2022

Book Details

Mike was almost invisible in his city where millions lived. But that could all change with Josel's arrival. Would you accept the word of Josel (Greed) if he were claiming he could save your city from imminent doom? Well, Mike does. He sets offon an adventure, rather he's thrown into an adventure to f"md a lost city and thirteen pages all carrying the name Josel. Mike awakes on warm sand running beside a long road and quickly catches a ride to a green island. He isn't alone for long on his adventure. His talkative nature lands him an accomplice; a young girl traveling solo called Lucy who passes on a stark message, "Trust no one," then she steals a car. Together, they navigate The Clenched Fist in fast cars, on foot and by boat, evading the gangs, tackling the tricky celebrities, escaping the survivors, and staying clear of whatever is lurking in the dark. There are discoveries with dark secrets, a sting in their plans and a mystery hanging from the ceiling in a small village. What is actually going on there? Will Mike discover the thirteen pages for Josel and have the heart to finish his task, or will the gray cloud descending over The Clenched Fist consume him before the hunter can close in on his prey?

Author Description

To onlookers, Edward looks like someone sitting at the kitchen table writing. They'd never know how busy his mind is. It's been like that since his childhood, spent in a small village surrounded by open fields and small wooded areas which you'd find hard to place on a map. Edward started writing fantasy adventure stories when he was thirteen-years-old, using them as a form of escape from the bullying he experienced at school. They fed his longing for real world adventures and that took him to South Korea, where his love for life, gave him the peace to bring Hope in Strange Places to life. It started off as an idea that popped into his head while he was studying Law late at night, but quickly began to leap onto the pages as he walked in Mike's sandals through wonderfully strange places.

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