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Hitman for the Kindness Club


Groundswell Books
July 25, 2023

Book Details

Spanning 1961 to 2022, this electrifying collection of essays captures the spirit, mettle, and moxie of one of the most intrepid environmentalists of our times. Paul Watson developed an enduring passion for the wild as a youngster. This zeal propelled him on an uncharted adventure of outward exploration and inner evolution, with pivotal turning points bringing him to the realization that his life's mission was to defend the natural world and all its inhabitants. Watson takes you along for the ride as he upends the Sierra Club, cofounds Greenpeace, and eventually establishes Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. His courageous, often audacious campaigns, held on every ocean and every continent, are hallmarks of his stalwart defense of Indigenous people, marine wildlife, and ecosystems worldwide. These incredible true-life stories reveal how a dedicated group of people with gumption, resourcefulness, imagination, and clarity of purpose can change the world for the better. Still active, with a new foundation and a loyal crew, Watson shares his inspirational life lessons to encourage everyone to remain hopeful and to always be kind, without reservation or exception.

Author Description

Captain Paul Watson is a Canadian American marine conservationist, master mariner, author, educator, and poet. He is a prolific author of over fifteen titles including a children's book, We Are the Ocean(2022). Born in Ontario, Canada, he currently resides with his wife and children in Vermont,USA.

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