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Hidden Words

by Nain Aijaz


Category : Literary

ISBN No :9781618131225

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I had never intended to publish my poetry when I wrote. It was personal and hidden. After my father encouraged me to share my words I thought long and hard what to label my years of memories, emotions, moments and secrets. I always valued the importance of words. Even though every word has an official definition in dictionaries I often found my own meanings. For example I believe the word hurt or love is so deep that even though it can be officially defined it can never experienced by a description. Most interrupt art in this way but my art was in words. So I exposed my hidden words into my title.

Author Information

Nain Aijaz

I, Nain Aijaz was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1989. At an early age I moved to Toronto, Canada and then finally found a home in St. Louis, Missouri. I have had the good fortune of growing up with two wonderful parents and an inspirational brother. I enjoy watching baseball, reading, cooking, traveling and writing. I get my inspiration from observing all types of people. I truly believe that any amount pain or hurt cannot be scaled and deserves recognition. Every mistake is a gifted lesson in disguise. No memory deserves to be forgotten yet needs to be expressed and shared. It's the only way to have a unified world where we are all equally vulnerable.

Some of my favorite poets have been Henry David Thoreau, William Butler Yeats, Sylvia Plath and the one and only William Shakespeare.

When I started to write I did not want to use a specific style of writing but I wanted to capture emotion in any way that seemed in any way possible.

I am studying to get my masters in the field of public health with an emphasis on children healthcare. My simple yet complicated goal in life is to be able to help families in third world countries with emotional and physical disabilities. Simple because I think it's human nature to be charitable. Complicated because it takes a lot of commitment, time, and solidarity.

My intention is to encourage others to be humane that be in my place of work or with her words.

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    The author does a great job of expressing her feelings in a elegant manner even in times of despair. You can really feel the emotion through the words. I would give this poetry 6 stars if I could!!

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