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Have I Got A Story For You

by George E. Williams


Category : Home

ISBN No :9781631101373

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This a book of short stories. They will make you laugh, cry and probably blush a little. Some the stories are fiction. Some have some adult humor. I added my own dry humor, that I think everyone, will appreciate and laugh out loud. My book is definitely not going to put you to sleep, but, I think you will forget about serious things for awhile. I hope my stories, give you, a different way of looking at life. Remember, nothing but happy endings. Just saying.

Author Information

George E. Williams

I grew up like any young child. Certainly, I had this wild imagination. Whenever my parents would ask me, how school was, I would make up some crazy story. They probably never believed me. My father was probably the first person in my life to say, "You should write a book". It was probably his way of saying ,that I was full of it. Yes, I was definitely he class clown. I had a lot of friends and especially girlfriends. Girls like a guy, who can make them laugh. Well I've got that going for me. So, am I a writer. I believe I am. Am I a great writer. No, but my stories are funny, fantasy, imaginative and most of all they are mine. I've written about forty five short stories. I hope to have a series of books. We shall see.

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