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Framework of Reality: Understanding Our Subtle Spiritual Nature


June 6, 2014

Book Details

Framework of Reality highlights unfolding developments that are revolutionizing our understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Scientists and scientifically trained researchers are providing us with a rich and expanding base of knowledge about strange and unusual phenomena observed in quantum physics, cosmology, biology, psychology, disease and healing, death, and reincarnation investigations. It is a companion book to Frontiers of Knowledge, which is a large research book with all the details and all the references. Framework provides all the same information in a summary form. (It can be considered the "Cliffs Notes" for Frontiers of Knowledge.)
Insights from quantum physics suggest that the basis of our physical universe is mental—conscious thought. Other discoveries are causing us to redefine our concepts of mind and this elusive thing we call consciousness. The verified near-death out-of-body experiences (OBEs) show that consciousness can exist in a nonphysical form--indicating that mind is not tied to the physical brain.
New concepts of reality are also needed to explain the incredibly fine-tuned characteristics of our physical universe. The mysterious nature of dark energy and dark matter suggests that their source resides in subtle-energy dimensions. Strong hints of subtle dimensions are also provided in near-death OBEs, subtle-energy healings, and documented accounts of very unusual mind-body effects.
Thousands of between-lives spiritual regression cases and the deeper near-death experiences provide us with fairly consistent descriptions of a nonphysical realm populated by souls living in a highly developed culture that is interacting with humans. This revolutionary information demands a revised and expanded view of reality—one in which spirituality is the underlying source of reality.
Highlights on all of the above and more are presented in Framework of Reality, and they provide readers with the outline of this new revolution in knowledge.

Author Description

Douglas Kinney's broad experience and highly developed skills combine to uniquely qualify him to write this ambitious book encompassing both science and spirituality. His spiritual background includes being a New Thought (Religious Science) minister and practitioner, a certified spiritual hypnotist in past-life and between-lives regression, and a practitioner of spiritual journaling. He also enjoys personal relationships with several authentic spiritual channels.
His integration skills come from working for many years as a defense systems analyst and engineer for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Northrop Grumman, several smaller companies, and the Applied Physics Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University. Within these organizations, he developed skills for working with large, complex systems and concepts. He was the lead systems architect on several large, multicompany projects, directing people from a variety of engineering disciplines and synthesizing the information they developed into a coherent system story or concept—often in ways outside conventional thinking and approaches.
His talent for integration and synthesis allows him to see patterns where most others cannot. (For those familiar with the StrengthsFinder 2.0 personal assessment method, this is defined as the Strategic talent or strength.) This has enabled him to create in this book a deep and integrated story that addresses many of the challenges facing scientific and spiritual knowledge today.
Douglas holds membership in several organizations exploring the interface between science, consciousness, spirituality, and the evolution of humanity: the Institute for Noetic Science (IONS), the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE), the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE), and the World Future Society.
Douglas and Terry, his wife of 37 years, have three children and six grandchildren. They live in Maryland near Washington, DC.

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