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Float Smart: An Inflatable Pontoon Boating Guide (with seven in-the-field video demonstrations)


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March 17, 2014

Book Details

As taught across the state of Montana, USA this dynamic, thought-provoking introduction and overview of inflatable pontoon boating will not only cover the basics of inflatable pontoon use but will open your eyes to circumstances you may never have considered that might challenge you at some point.

Gain insight into river difficulty ratings and how it affects the inflatable pontoon boat sportsman. While reading you'll experience a first person point of view from the seat of the inflatable pontoon boat placing you inside a river in the middle of the action. Learn how to identify potential hazards like...

? Low-head agricultural diversion dams
? Eddy lines
? Sweepers
? Log jams / Strainers
? Swampers

and more.

Floating Montana Rivers like the Yellowstone River, Madison River, Missouri River, Gallatin River, Clark Fork River, Blackfoot River, Big Hole River and Flathead River brings action and adventure. Sportsmen and enthusiasts of every skill level come from all over the world to enjoy Montana's blue ribbon trout streams, abundant wildlife and incredible vistas. There is always an inherent risk while recreating on and around water. Float Smart is designed for anglers or water recreationists who use one-person pontoon boats or are considering purchasing one.

When connected to the internet - enjoy a first person view navigating potential hazards inside a river, boat operations and thought-provoking gear demonstrations.

Important Safety Notice: The Float Smart workshop demonstration videos and photos shared for your consideration are executed by trained professionals and should not be attempted by anyone. The information printed/posted is to bring a thought-provoking awareness for your review to the exciting recreation activity of floating rivers, lakes, and streams. ***Always follow the inflatable pontoon manufacturer's guidelines and instructions.***

Author Description

T.E. Lewis is the founder of the Float Smart Workshops, Since 2012 this cognizance concept has brought a dynamic, thought-provoking introduction & overview of Class 1 inflatable pontoon boating to sportsmen & enthusiasts.

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