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Final Chance


August 16, 2023

Book Details

SCIENCE FICTION ... OR A HISTORY OF THE FUTURE? Welcome to the not-so-distant future: By 2046, the environment had reached a tipping point ... much faster than anyone had expected. In a lethal spiral of climate change, fueled by relentless human pollution and accelerated by the melting arctic tundra, the earth was becoming increasingly uninhabitable for life. Any life. After decades of increasingly devastating hurricanes, tornados, rising seas, burning forests, freezing winters, and unbearable summers, the "moment of truth" came in the form of a week-long heat wave in the Saudi city of Jeddah, reaching temperatures of 136 degrees in the shade. The world watched in horror as half the city died. The air was too hot to breathe. With global food supplies diminishing, and disease running rampant, world leaders finally recognized the need for drastic, do-or-die measures. The solution was a universal ban on fossil fuels and the doming of all human civilization. Not everyone was willing to go along with that – at first. But there really was no alternative. By 2065, all major cities, farms, factories, and wildlife "revitalization zones" were protected, under glass, in a climate-controlled, solar-energized environment. This is the story of the building of that brave new world, and of two remarkable families who played a key role in making this mind-boggling project possible ... despite the odds ... and despite a very odd group of villains. It was, indeed, everyone's Final Chance to survive. So why was anyone trying to sabotage these efforts? With suspense, humor and intrigue, Van Fleisher unveils the all-too-recognizable answer in this unforgettable sci-fi thriller.

Author Description

After 21 years with an airline, TWA, I left to do my own thing as a management consultant. That's how it seems to work - if for whatever reason someone leaves a real, Monday to Friday, 9-5 job, they become management consultants. So what happens to someone who leaves management consulting after 30 years? In my case it was writing a book about things I know nothing about, but applying the experiences amassed during an interesting life while living and working in many different countries around the world, and looking at my country from within and from the outside. I live in Carpentaria, CA with my singer-songwriter-editor- partner, Jackie, and our dog, Yogi.

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