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Filling the Void


February 25, 2021

Book Details

A curated collection of Matthew Phillips' political essays, which were originally published on https://mondoweiss.net/"A hugely-gifted young writer who contributed to us often... As readers of this site know, Matt was an incredibly mature young writer. He had a laser mind, great imagination, and a wide-ranging appetite for books, but it was his moral commitment that bound those talents into memorable pieces of writing. He had attended graduate school and worked as a bartender, but saw both those activities as getting in the way of his chief goal, leading a life of the mind."-PHILIP WEISS AND ADAM HOROWITZ, Editors of mondoweiss.net (https://mondoweiss.net/2011/04/honoring-the-late-matthew-phillips/)

Author Description

MATTHEW PHILLIPS was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from Bard High School Early College in downtown Manhattan in 2003, earning an Associate's Degree in lieu of a High School Diploma at the age of 18. He earned a Bachelor's Degree at Binghamton University and from there enrolled in the CUNY Graduate Center where he was slated to earn a Master's Degree in Middle Eastern Studies.Matthew's primary focus in writing was the Israel-Palestine conflict. Often critical of Israel's involvement, he published eight essays on this topic on Mondoweiss, an online platform dedicated to informing the public about the ongoing struggle for peace in the region. Matt also wrote poetry and stories. A collection of his poetry, The Island's Only Escape, edited by his brother Ian, was published by Pleasure Boat Studio in 2018. About this publication, the reviewer Ricardo Nirenberg wrote in Offcourse, "A slim, posthumous book...by a poet of obviously unusual talent and attractive imagination." It can be ordered through Amazon or directly from Pleasure Boat Studio (www.pleasureboatstudio.com).Matthew is the son of Louis Phillips and Patricia Ranard, and the twin brother of Ian Phillips. He died in New York on April 4, 2011, at the age of 26.

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