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Prowess Publishing
August 14, 2021

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Art is basically a creation, which is the product of both the man and nature. Nature creates beautiful fleeting visitations like sunset, snowfall, gorgeous waterfalls, and strange creatures etc. So also, man creates art in imitation of Nature in the form of fine arts. Literature is rather later growth compare to painting and music in the history of mankind. Literature is an art of writing by means of words. It has a direct link with life and its realities. Literature is nothing but the reflection of life. It deals with human hopes, aspirations, joys, sorrows and conflicts. Nothing in the world comes so close to life as literature. In short, it holds mirror up to life and society. Men of literature constantly in touch with social movements and strive hard to reform and correct the social mistakes and failures. So literature acquires human significance as Homer, Ovid, Cicero, Shakespeare, Milton, Carlyle, Tagore, Tolstoy, Rousseau and Voltaire did in the previous generations to solve the problems of their contemporary society.
English literature has its unique identity in World's literature. It has acquired more significance during the colonial world. It has become the major discipline of the study at both graduate and post graduate level in almost all the Universities of Globe. Millions of students and teachers constantly read and teach History of English literature in Higher education all over the world. Here, an attempt has been made to simplify the History of English Literature, keeping in mind the receptive and conceptual ability of the students. There is a critical analysis and a microscopic observation of each writer and their contextual relevance of the text. The Book sheds a light on the developments of each genre from Chaucer to T.S Eliot. The stress is laid on major literary movements like Romanticism, Classicism and Realism from the beginning to the end and simplified the concepts. So the content of the book is prepared to appeal the critical ability of the students and their urge to understand it for aesthetic pleasure as well as for competitive examinations. No doubt the book will satisfy the quest of students in gaining the better understanding of the subject clearly at ease. In writing this book I have leaned more or less heavily on almost all the existed literary sources and I acknowledge all these writers and publishers for their explicit reference in the body of the text.

Author Description

Dr. Prakash B. Teggihalli is presently working as Associate Professor, the Department of English, C.S.B Arts, S.M.R.P Science and G.L.R Commerce College Ramdurg, affiliated to Rani Channamma University Belagavi, St. Karnataka. He has passed SLET in 1996 and appointed at Degree College as Lecturer in English. He has twenty five years of teaching experience at Degree College. He has got M.Phil degree from Alagappa University Karaikudi. He has successfully completed PhD from Karnataka University Dharwad in 2021 on "The Global Conflicts of Race, Nationality and Gender in the novels of Arundhati Roy, Kiran Desai and Aravinda Adiga: A Comparative Study". He has regular habit of attending national and international conferences and seminars and presented more than twenty Research articles. He has published more than fifteen Research Articles on contemporary national and international Peer Reviewed journals. He has contributed five articles for edited books. He has successfully completed two UGC Sponsored Minor Research Projects On "Problems of Teaching English at Rural Degree colleges" and "Holistic Approach of teaching English in Degree Colleges". He has written a book on Literary Criticism. He teaches language and literature, critical theories and phonetics to under graduate students. He has been training to the rural students in spoken English and presentation skills regularly and has been organizing seminars, conferences and workshops on language and literature. He has attended many seminars as resource person and chairperson. His area of interest is Indian writing in English, Indian Diaspora, colonial and post colonial literature of both British and Indian English in India.

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