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Emeline: A Journey


September 23, 2020

Book Details

Set in 1890, a period of no phones or refrigerators, thirteen-year old Emeline has lost both parents and must travel through ten states all by herself to reconnect with her family in Boston. On the way, she encounters many people and trials. Some characters are unsavory, ruthless, and violent, wanting only her money and possessions, caring nothing for her life. But, all is not bleak; good folks make her trip memorable, giving her help as they are able. Will she make it, and, if she does, will she stay? Or will the events of her trip redefine her life?

Author Description

I was born and raised with my two sisters in Prairie Village, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. As a young girl, I loved reading and writing. My favorite book when I was a middle-schooler was The Adventures of Perrine. I loved the historical foreign setting, but most of all I identified with Perrine and wanted to be like her: courageous, discerning, resourceful, and self-reliant. Written in the 1800s, it is no longer in print, but it's in this spirit that I wrote Emeline ~ A Journey. As a former teacher, my goal is to impact today's youth with quality stories that they can relate to and want to emulate in their own lives. We need children with good character to be the friends, workers, and leaders of tomorrow. I'm currently "retired," but I work part-time as an administrative assistant, am an active member and treasurer for our local writers group, write, paint with watercolors, and more. My husband of 39 years and I live north of the Missouri River in Kansas City, Missouri with our dog, Taz.

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