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Dulcet and Dismal Tunes: A Collection of 50 Poems


Prowess Publishing
April 8, 2019

Book Details

"Dulcet and Dismal Tunes" is a compilation of poems which captured myriad of facets of our daily corporate life and the nature in and around us and its immense impact on us. Nature fascinates us and the poems render vivid pictures about how it encompasses us. The author vehemently criticizes the social malice how adversely affecting the social fabric and urges ardently for the necessity of eradicating such vices which may hindering the mankind to thrive with vigor. The style of the presentation of poems is delectable and unique. It reveals the inward eye of the poet as well his deep concern for the ambiance he is dwelling with.

Author Description

Debasish Majumder hails from a middle class family from Kolkata, India. Since childhood, his upbringing in a milieu enabled him to imbibe with values, ethics and principles and of course his sincere concern for the society he is dwelling with. His passion for English language and literature triggered him to pen down his expressions in English. His obsession for people as well nature drives him to write with an aim to uphold the voices of the millions who are downtrodden and who are actually comprised of the larger section of the society by virtue of his writings of poems, short stories and articles. The intricacies of nature and its intriguing characteristics always capture his attention with awe and he tried to translate his vision regarding the ambiance he regularly confronts with. The "Dulcet and Dismal Tunes" is a reflection of mournful as well delightful events of life which have immense gravity and inspired Debasish to ponder those with due gravity out of his emotional frequencies which he tried to share with majority by drawing pictures of life with its numerous colors and varied shades.

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