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Dimensional Vortex Theory: our dimension is one in many


Prowess Publishing
November 26, 2021
Science & Nature

Book Details

This book is about the understanding of dimensions. We are aware of being in the 3 dimensional world. By analyzing the 3 Dimensional reality and 2 Dimensional realities we are going to explain how dimensions works. We will try to explain the working of Inter dimensional travelling, which travels through multiverses. We will explain how did the universe born and what was before the birth of our universe. Our universe is just a one in many. Our dimension is just a one in many. Eventually we are able to explain what is dark energy and dark matter.
We will try to draw a detailed map of dimension in a single picture. There is guidance for inter dimensional travelling and how we can achieve such a thing . We will discuss about the creator tier at last. We will try to build portals to enter and exit from our reality. We will discuss how Quantum mechanism is related to dimensional vortex. I can give you a small glance of Quantum vortex and what is it. We will discuss what is Quantum entanglement and how is it connected to normal physical world. We can imagine the Quantum mechanism and explain and what is it. We will connect these in to the real objects we see. We will discuss the probability distribution function of an electron also see its anonymous behavior. Eventually we will try to merge the 2 main theories in physics and make this as a unified theory.

Author Description

Sooraj Krishna is a science enthusiastic who believes that science is eternal. He believes that science leads the humanity to the truth. Science is trying hard to unveil the truth of almost everything. He was more to the practical side of the theoretical physics. He published a journal called ENERGY PRODUCTION BY CONSERVATION OF ANGULAR MOMENTUM that explains how to build the SK engine which will makes the earth to achieve type 1 civilization. He is happy to travel through universe. His main dream to achieve inter dimensional travelling technology. He likes to chase the truth and its beyond. He is trying to explain the language of the existence with simple words. Being born is rare possibility which happens in a cosmic fluke. He likes to use this opportunity to question his existence and know the truth around him. With the limitation of a human body he wants to explore the whole universe and want everyone to join his dream. Sooraj Krishna was born in a small town called Pookkottumpadam in Malappuram district, Kerala which is located in south India. Even though he liked to graduate in physics but was forced to join medicine but end up with engineering due to some external factors. That was the one and only regret in his entire life. After the graduation, the responsibility strikes and stops being a physics graduate. Even though he couldn't make the graduation, he is in love with science. He was the only child of Thara Bai K C (mother) and K P Vinod Kumar (father).

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