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Dead Beckoning

by Christina Engela


Category : Science Fiction

ISBN No :9781365292750

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The fearsome Corsairs had waged a campaign of terror against the Human colonies for nearly a century, plundering and dominating the space lanes that crossed the Terran Empire, at will, all the while keeping the location of their base a closely guarded secret. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the Corsairs luck finally ran out… After nearly two days of fierce fighting, the Battle of Turtle Island left the skies of the Corsair world darkened with their dead. In orbit, the remnants of the once feared Black Fleet drifted, blazing, while the Corsair civilization below breathed its last. The Terrans finally had their venomous foe cornered in its own den, defeated. The terror of the marauding Corsairs was supposed to be over, but it wasn't. Not just yet. Not all the great Corsairs of legend had been killed or captured - a few had slipped through the net. "Dead Beckoning" is the tale of Adam – a former Corsair captain working to expunge his bloody past by doing good - starting by helping the imperial star ship Antares to track down and capture one of the most powerful and feared Corsairs in legend: Sona Kilroy… aka The Hammer. Like every warrior who left home to go to war, Adam hoped to return to the arms of his love – but Adam wasn't exactly a soldier, and Marsha… well, Marsha wasn't exactly standard spec either… but if he did return at all, he hoped to return to her. "Dead Beckoning" is the third title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.

Author Information

Christina Engela

"Dead Beckoning" is the third title in the Galaxii Series by Christina Engela.

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