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Dana's Finger Is Set Free

by vered kaminsky


Category : Juvenile Fiction

ISBN No :9789659267934

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Dana's Finger Is Set Free "When Dana was a baby she had pacifiers in all kinds of colours, But Dana did not want any of these pacifiers, Dana only wanted her finger…" This is a true story about Dana, a kindergarten girl, that could not take out her finger from her mouth, until it became wrinkled and had a crushed nail! However, once her mother turned the responsibility for the finger to Dana- she had succeeded in her mission and Dana's finger was set free. The Book "Dana's finger is set free", was first published in 1996 and gained ample demand among the children and their parents, coping with the attempts to wean their children from the habit of sucking a finger. At present, in view of the demand that has not stopped along the years, the book is published by the EPOS Digital Publishing House, in color, in digital version including animations and recitation. From the book: "Dana picked up the chart and went to her room. She sat on her bed and thought to herself, "What will I do now? How do I stop?" And while she was thinking, she stuck her finger into her mouth again. I will think about it tomorrow, she promised herself. And she put the big chart under her pillow and fell asleep..." This is an interactive book with moving images. For the full experience, using an Apple device iBooks is recommended. On Android, please use an ebook reader software with EPUB3 compatibility (like Infinity Reader). On PC, the usage of the newest version of Adobe Digital Editions is recommended. some review: When the habit of sucking a finger becomes part of life, the parents could benefit from allowing their children to read the book "Dana's finger was set free". Anonymous reader. To be weaned from sucking a finger is a great challenge for children. This book summons you to the manner in which Dana has coped with the weaning from his habit. It is worthwhile reading. Anonymous reader.

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vered kaminsky

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