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Crafting Seitan: Creating Homemade Plant-Based Meats


February 26, 2021

Book Details

Many vegans desire foods they can sink their teeth into—a bite with substance that leaves them feeling satisfied. Others miss the flavor of the animal-based dishes they grew up with or that were part of their cultural tradition. Those cravings can be now be put to rest. Vegan cooks everywhere are about to experience a new dimension of possibilities thanks to chef Skye Conroy's culinary masterpiece CRAFTING SEITAN: Creating Homemade Plant-Based Meats. With detailed instructions and mouthwatering food photography throughout, this guide is a welcome introduction to cooking seitan (aka "gluten meat" or "vital wheat gluten") and showcasing its versatility. Over 100 recipes that include Juicy roasts, tender cutlets, toothsome steaks, as well as hard salami, hand-rolled sausages, and pepperoni, now can be part of a vegan menu. These recipes deliver the appearance, texture, and flavors that will convince family and friends of all dietary persuasions that a plant-based diet has plenty to offer and nothing to lose. Homemade also means more budget-friendly meals and the ability to monitor the amount of salt and oil that's used. These recipes provide a ready answer to "where's the beef?"

Author Description

Skye Michael Conroy began his journey as a vegan chef as a hobby, but evolved as he studied the culinary arts in depth, and in 2014 he received his plant-based professional certificate from Rouxbe Cooking School taught by renowned chef Chad Sarno. He is dedicated to helping people break their reliance on commercially prepared and processed vegan foods. He lives in northeastern Indiana. For more information visit his website is TheGentleChef.com.

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