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by Shirley J. Naas


Category : Young Adult

ISBN No :9781545751893

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The purest of evil enters the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois. A fifth-grade girl, Sarah Bennington, goes missing while on a school field trip in the forest. Investigative reporter, Cassamie James, and experienced tracker, Ransfield (Rann) Steward, search for signs undetected by local authorities. Cassamie, born from the union of a fallen angel and human mother, possesses special attributes with enhanced gifts. Rann, a survivor of a stroke at a young age, holds extraordinary sensory and perceptive skills. Both race against the forces of evil to save the young girl. Feel the tendrils of darkness against the vines of light in the battle near the vortex at Max Creek, a secluded meadow in the heart of southern Illinois. Cassamie, Rann, and Sarah play a vital role in the battle. Step into the supernatural world of angels and demons and their battle to preserve or destroy God's greatest creation. Good against Evil engages in the historic and symbolic regions of southern Illinois. Come learn about this place with its haunting history and bountiful beauty surrounded by the essence of evil.

Author Information

Shirley J. Naas

Shirley J. Naas lives in a small, rural, one-stoplight town near the Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois, the setting for her first novel. She shares her home with her husband, a quarter horse, a black Labrador pup, an older mutt, Keebler, named after a chocolate chip cookie, and two young barnyard kittens named by her grandchildren for their favorite Pokémon characters - "Persian" Paws and "Litten" Kitten. A language arts teacher for many years, Shirley taught writing and literature to fifth through eighth-grade students. Countless field trips into the nearby forest influenced her writing. Incorporating her knowledge and experiences with middle school students gave inspiration for writing the fantasy, Convergence, along with personal experiences, folklore and local historical facts creating the characters and plot propelling the reader into the story. Her storytelling began many years ago when raising two daughters and hosting numerous slumber parties. Oftentimes guests requested bedtime stories spontaneously created in hopes of coaxing the rowdy group into a period of quietness leading to eventual slumber. Today, Shirley spends most of her time entertaining her grandchildren, enjoying family and friends, writing, reading and traveling in search of writing ideas and adventures.

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