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Coming to Your Senses: Soaring with Your Soul


January 17, 2022
Self Help

Book Details

Sick of dimming your bulb? Feel like your power's out? Ready to recharge your dreams? Find out how to complete your inner circuit, overcome fear, and unleash the 10,000 watts of life-changing energy packed within your very soul. A book of natural health secrets, the discharge of negative energy and the illumination of the soul. The American author cured herself of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (myalgic encephalomyelitis) when she found a new source of vital energy within. Coming to Your Senses is an illuminating book that provides the spark you need to rekindle your internal fire. Author Sally Veillette takes you step-by-step through eight empowering strategies designed to help you dive beneath the surface and reconnect with who you really are, define your dreams and desires, and eliminate what keeps you from moving ahead. Refill your "energy cup", and find the fuel to walk confidently through whatever life throws your way.

Author Description

Sally Veillette. Electrical engineer, business executive, and author of award-winning Coming to Your Senses: Soaring With Your Soul, Sempre Dritto and Sicilian Roots, among others, Sally is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy. A recognized pioneer of "relational tourism" in Sicily, she travels between the USA and her grandparents' Sicilian birthplace, bringing you her awareness of how our body's innate intelligence interplays with our mind, soul and life. Sally also assists Sicilian food producers with exportation

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