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Brave Hearts

by Meish Goldish


Category : Juvenile Nonfiction

ISBN No :9781684029235

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One evening in January 2010, an 11-year-old boy named Austin went outside to collect firewood in the backyard of his home. As he got closer to the woodshed, he saw a large animal with round ears and large teeth. Luckily, Austin had brought his golden retriever, Angel, with him. Suddenly, the animal—a ferocious cougar—leapt at Austin. Angel sprang into action and bravely jumped in front of the cougar to protect the boy. Austin then raced inside to get help as Angel and the cougar fought. The brave-hearted canine had saved her owner's life! In this inspiring book, young readers will meet a variety of courageous dogs willing to risk their lives to protect their human companions—from a pit bull that saved her owner from dangerous robbers to a German shepherd-wolf mix that dragged her elderly owners to safety during a snowstorm. Packed with real-life stories and dramatic, full-color photos of these remarkable animals, this book is sure to be a favorite of dog-lovers everywhere.

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Meish Goldish

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